Book Reviews

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1Book Review of the book Law, Freedom and Change by V.R. Krishna Iyer (New Delhi Affiliated East-West Press, 1973) in (1976) 5 Anglo American Law Review pg.174-6.

(Note: This was also reprinted in (1975) 11 Banaras Law Journal pg.113-116.

2Book Review of the book The Law relating to Commission of Inquiry by S.C. Gupta (Indian Law Centre) in Vidura (1978) XV pg.54-5.
3Book Review of the book Keeping the Peace by G.W. Keeton (Chichester: Barry Rose, 1975 in (1978) Anglo American Law Review pg.77-8
4Book Review of A digest of Decided Cases, Second Edition compiled by Raymond Stead, Barry Rose The Motors Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations (Publishers Ltd.) in (1978) Anglo American Law Review pg.130
5Book Review of the book Democracy and Distrust: A theory of Judicial Review by John Hart Ely (Harvard University Press, 1980) in (1981) Anglo American Law Review pg.193-199
6Book Review of the book Constitutional Law of India – A critical Commentary by H.M. Seervai (N.M. Tripathi) and Re-Promulgation of Ordinances: A fraud on the Constitution of India by D.C. Wadhwa (Orient Longman, Bombay) in (1986) Public Law pg.168-171
7Book Review of the Book National specialised Agencies and Women’s Equality: The Law Commission of India by L. Sarkar in (1989-90) IV & V Samay Shakti pg.330-3.
8Book Review of the book Fundamental Principles of Law Series: The Law of Torts by M.V.H. Rogers; Law of Trusts by D.J. Hayton; Law of Contract by J.C. Smith (All published by Street and Macwell, London 1989) in (1991) 33 Journal of Indian Law Institute pg.129-132.
9Book Review entitled “Platform for a Variety Show” of the book Reforming the Constitution by Subhash C. Kashyap(ed.) (UBS) in (1992)Indian Review of Books pg. 9-10
10Book Review entitled “Tales Alone Not Enough” of the book The Barristers World & the Nature of Law by J. Morrison & P. Leith (Aditya Book Private Ltd.) in (1992) Indian Review of Books pg.14-15
11Book Review entitled “Uniform Civil Code or Nothing” of the book Women and Family Law Reform in India: Uniform Civil Code & Gender Equality by Archana Parashar (Sage Publication) in (1992) Indian Review of Books pg.16-17.
12Book Review entitled “Opening a Pandora’s Box” of the book Federal India: A design for change by Rasheeduddin Khan (Vikas) (1992) Indian Review of Books
13Book Review entitled “Uncompromising & Aggressive” of the books Tracts of the Times (i) Khaki Shorts Saffron Flags by Tapan Boss, Pradip Datta, Sumit Srkar, Tanika Sarkar, Sambuddha Sen (ii) The Question of Faith by Rustam Bharucha and (iii) Environmental Consciousness urban planning by M.N. Buch (All published by Orient Longman) in (1993) Indian Review of Books pg.8-9
14Book Review entitled “A Path Not Trod” of the book India Japan: Towards New Era (UBS) in (1992) Indian Review of Books pg.10-1
15Book Review entitled “Not Desi Enough” of the book Ideologies and Institutions: A South Asia Reader, by David Arnold & P. Robb (Curzon Press Distr. TR Publications) in (1993) Indian Review of Books pg. 11
16Book Review entitled “Poor Research & Lib Advice” of the book Quest for a Better Democratic Alternative by Jashwant B. Mehta for (1994) Indian Review of Books pg.5-6
17Book Review entitled Awkward Pastiche of the book Return of the Aryans by Bhagwan S. Gidwani for (April-May 1995) Indian Review of Books pg.28-29.
18Book Review entitled “Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi “And, It Was No Ordinary light..”” of the book A Higher Standards of Leadership Lessons from the life of Gandhi by Keshavan Nair for (Sept.-Oct. 1995) Namashkar pg.44-45
19Book Review entitled “The Failure of Process” of the book Gone at Last? The Story of V. Ramaswami’s Impeachment (ed.) S. Sahay (Har-Anand Publications) (1993) Indian Review of Books pg.9
20Book Review entitled “Descent into Illegality” of the book Judging the State Courts and Constitutional Politics in Pakistan by of Paula R. Newberg (Cambridge University Press, Foundation Book) in Politics
21Book Review entitled “The Sub-Continent Academic Analysis” Judging the State Courts and Constitutional Politics in Pakistan by of Paula R. Newberg (Cambridge University Press, Foundation Book) and Ayesha Jalal in Social Scientist, July-Sept.1995 Volume 23. No.7&9 pg.101-105
22Book Review entitled “Anguished Outpouring” of the book Widening Divide –An Insight into Hindu-Muslim Relations by Rafiq Zakaria (Viking/Penguin, India) in (Nov.-Dec.1995) Indian Review of Book pg. 5-6
23Book Review entitled “Of the Publishor –Perish Genre” of the book Reconstituting India by Pradip Sarbadhikari (OUP) in (April- May 1996) Indian Review of Books pg.6-7.
24Book Review entitled “Martyr Consigned to a Footnote” of the book Trial of Bhagat Singh -Politics of Justice by A.G. Noorani (Konark) in (June –July 1996) Indian Review of Books pg.9
25Book Review entitled “Incomplete Information” of the book Elections & Electoral Reforms in India by Anjana Kaw Bhagat (Vikas) in (July –August 1996) Indian Review of Books pg.32
26Book Review of the book Law of Medical Negligence & Compensation by R.K. Bag (Eastern Law House, Calcutta) in (January 1997) 105 Indian Journal of Medical Research pg.43-44
27Book Review entitled “Justice and Opacity” of the book Law, Lawyers and Judges by H.R. Bhardwaj (Konark Publication Pvt. Ltd.) in Outlook (15th September 1997) pg.94
28Book Review entitled “Rebel with a Cause” of the book M.N. Roy -A Political Biography (Orient Longman) and (ed.) Sibnaraayan Ray –Selected Works of MN Roy Vol.4 -1932 -1936 by Samaren Roy (OUP, 1996) (Nov.-Dec.1997)Indian Review of Books pg.6-7
29Book Review entitled “The Rise of the Saffron Brigade” of the book Politics of Violence -From Ayodhya to Behrampada by John McGuire, Peter Reeves and Howard Brasted (Sage, 1996) in (April –May 1997) Indian Review of Books pg.10-11
30Book Review entitled “Wise Counsel” of the book Nani Palkhivala’s Selected Writings by L.M. Singhvi, R. Puri, S. Rama Krishan (Viking & Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, 1999) in (Nov. – Dec. 1999) Indian Review of Books pg.7-8
31Book Review of the book Current Issues in Criminal Justice and Medical LawA critical Focus by S.V. Joga Rao (Eastern Law House, Calcutta) in (February 2000) Indian Journal of Medical Research pg.70-71
32Book Review entitled “Laughing Stock” of the book In the Dock – Absurdities of Indian Law by Bibek Debroy (Konark) in (Nov.-Dec. 2000) Indian Book Review pg.7-8
33Book Review entitled “The Constitution at Work” of the book Constitutional Questions in India: The President, Parliament and the States by A.G. Noorani (OUP, Delhi 2000), (March 31, 2001) Economic And Political Weekly pg.1082-83
34Book Review entitled “Intellectual Overload” of the book The Politics of Cultural Practice -Thinking through Theatre in an Age of Globalization by Rustom Bharucha (Wesleyan University Press, 2000) in (May-July 2001) Indian Review of Books pg.12-3
35Book Review entitled “Fundamental Rights” of the book Hindu Women and Marriage Law: From Sacrament to Contract by Monmayee Basu (OUP, 2001) in (July-Sep. 2001) Indian Review of Books pg.23-24
36Book Review of the book Law of Medical Negligence and Compensation Second Edition by : R.K. Bag (Eastern Law House, Calcutta, ) in (2001) 114 Indian Journal of Medical Research pg.73
37Book Review entitled “Balancing the Scales” of the book Courts and their Judgments by Arun Shourie in The Hindustan Times (09.09.2001)
38Book Review of the book Migrant Labour and Human Rights in India by K.Gopal Iyer (Kanishka, New Delhi, 2003) Journal of the National Human Rights Commission, Vol. 2 (2003) pg.190-193
39Book Review of the book Drug Control –Desk Reference Third Edition P.K. Dutta (Eastern Law House, Kolkata, 2003) Indian Journal of Medical Research (120) Sept. 2004 pg. 201-203.
40Book Review of the book Popular Sovereignty and Democratic Transformations: The Constitution of India by Sarbani Sen (OUP, 2007) in (2008) 2(1) Indian Journal of Constitutional Law – NALSAR University of Law pg.204-220.
41Book Review entitled “Cross the Bar” of the book Famous Judges, Lawyers and Cases of Bombay by P.E. Vachha (Universal Law Publishing) in Outlook (17th October 2011)
42Book Review entitled “The Law Must Take its Course” of the book An Independent Colonial Judiciary : History of the Bombay High Court During the British Raj 1862 -1947 by Abhinav Chandrachud (OUP, 2015) in Indian Express 04.07.2015
43Book Review entitled “Talkin’ About a Revolution” of the book Offend, Shoks or Disturb: Free Speech Under the Indian Constitution by Gautam Bhatia (OUP, 2015) in Indian Express (20.08.2016)
44Book Review entitled “Matters of Interest” of the book Courting the People Public Interest Litigation In-Post Emergency India by Anuj Bhuwania (Cambridge University Press, 2017) in Indian Express (03.02.2017)
45Book Review entitled “Rules of Engagement” of the book Republic of Republic: Free Speech and the Constitution of India by Abhinav Chandrachud (Penguin, 2017) in Indian Express 28.10.2017
46Book Review titled “With Due Process– Review of George H. Gadbois Jr.: Supreme Court of India; The Beginnings” (ed. And introduced by Vikram Raghavan and Vasujith Ram) in Indian Express on 12.12.2017
47Book Review titled “Bailing Out in Indian Masses” (of the book Anita Gets Bail: What Are Our Courts Doing? What Should We Do About Them? By Arun Shourie (Noida, Harper Collins, 2018)) in The Tribune on 03.06.2018.
48Book Review titled “Paying Court To Top Arbiters” of the book Supreme Whispers: Conversations with Judges of the Supreme Court Of India (1980-89) by Abhinav Chandrachud Gurgaon Penguin, 2018) in Outlook on 06.08.2018
49Book Review titled “My Lord’s not My Shepherd” of the book “Fali S. Nariman: God Save The Hon’ble Supreme Court” (New Delhi, Hay House, 2018) in The Indian Express on 18.08.2018
50Book Review titled “Morning Constitutionals” of the book The Transformative Constitution: A Radical Biography in Nine Acts by Gautam Bhatia:(Noida, Harper Collins, 2019)) in Indian Express on 30.03.2019